Goshen County Junior Livestock Sale boosts huge success

A. Marie Hamilton Locals attend the 2022 Goshen County Junior Livestock Sale.

GOSHEN COUNTY – The 2022 Goshen County Junior Livestock Sale produced high payouts for many youths, announced showmanship winners and explained why market poultry were missing in this year’s events.

“Today is payday for a lot of these kids,” Auctioneer Mike McNamee said, “today will show these kids the value of hard work, responsibility, accountability and honor as they sell off their livestock – so let’s give them and our buyers a round of applause for making this happen for our community.”

“God really is smiling down on Goshen today for our youth livestock auction,” McNamee added. “I think it was hotter than the dickens in Platte (County) for theirs (fair) and just as hot over in Mitchell, (Neb. fair and livestock show), so all of us here in Goshen County really do want to thank everyone for taking the time to come to our livestock sales.”

Just after 9 a.m., before the auction got underway, in the Frontier Shelter at the Goshen County Fairgrounds, McNamee announced to attendees “due to the highly pathogenic avian influenza, competitive poultry shows were canceled at this year’s Goshen County Fair.”

However, McNamee directed attendees to the youth at the back of the Frontier Shelter who had set up booths with information detailing each youth member's poultry project and how buyers and residents interested could reach out to them after the fair ended.

“While no live birds are permitted on the grounds – youth enrolled in 4-H poultry projects participated in a variety of competitive educational opportunities during the fair,” McNamee said. “They worked their tails off on these projects, so please stop by their booths in the back and show them some love as well.”

The market poultry youth were selling their projects via silent auction while the livestock auction got underway.

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) Agricultural Education national trip fund is administered by the FFA Advisors and 4-H educators in Goshen County as well as within the state in partnership with the Junior Livestock Sale Committee. This fund was established in 2003 to financially support 4-H and FFA members attending a variety of competitive and/or leadership development events, which includes: National FFA Career Development events; National FFA Talent band or chorus participation; American FFA Degree recipients; National FFA Convention; National Western Round-Up activities and contests; National 4-H judging competitions at various levels such as county fairs, state fairs, etc.; National 4-H Conference; National 4-H Congress; 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus; and National Shooting Sports Trip in Raton, New Mexico. Additional National 4-H and/or FFA opportunities are sometimes awarded to Goshen County youth depending on advisors’ discretion.

McNamee advised auction attendees they also had opportunities to continue to support, donate and supplement the youth at Saturday’s auction and could do so year-round.

The 2022 Showmanship Goshen County Winners are:

  • Beef Showmanship winners: Junior class was Colby Yorges, Intermediate class was Tatum Carlson, Senior class was Kaleb Booth and FFA class was Connor Booth;
  • Goat Showmanship winners: Junior class was Tiyn Lembke-Sterkel, Intermediate class was Olivia Meyer, Senior class was Afton McIntosh and FFA class was Abbie Forbes;
  • Poultry Showmanship winners: Junior class was Gracie Case, Intermediate class was Elli Froerer, and Senior class was Jakob Llewellyn;
  • Rabbit Showmanship winners: Junior class was Charley Taylor, Intermediate class was Remington Davis, and Senior class was Alania Kolkman;
  • Market Sheep Showmanship winners: Junior class was Tiyn Lembke-Sterkel, Intermediate class Kaycee Kosmicki, Senior class Brett Gara, and FFA class was Afton McIntosh;
  • Swine Showmanship winners: Junior class was Kadee Hurley, Intermediate class was Ethan Teethers, Senior class was Katelyn Shimic and FFA class was Connor Booth.

Will Cochran’s Grand Champion meat pen of rabbits sold at auction for $850 to Torrington Disposal Services.

Landre Greiman’s Grand Champion market beef, weighing 1,289 pounds with a resale value of $1,804.60, sold for $7,000 to Tom Miller.

Brett Gara’s Grand Champion market lamb, weighing 120 pounds with a resale value of $144, of which Gara retained ownership, sold to First State Bank for $4,900.

Baylie Booth’s Grand Champion market swine, which she retained ownership of, weighing 260 pounds with a resale value of $286 sold to WESTCO for $5,500.

Bryce Booth’s Grand Champion meat goat, which he retained ownership of, weighing 82 pounds with a resale value of $140 sold to Platte Valley Bank, Zack Miller at Banner Health and Paul of Miller Feed Store at M Lazy Heart Ranch.

Katelyn Shimic’s Reserve Grand Champion market beef, weighing 1,350 pounds with a resale value of $1,890, was sold to D & M Livestock for $5,500.

Hadley Wilkins’ Reserve Grand Champion market lamb, weighing 134 pounds with a resale of $160.80, was sold to Laramie GM Auto Center for $2,250.

Bristol Cox’s Reserve Grand Champion meat goat, which she retained ownership of, weighing 80 pounds with a resale value of $140 sold for $3,400 to Alan and Co Electric; Shawn Alan.

Carter Groene’s Champion beef carcass, which is scheduled for processing on August 29, weighing 1,401 pounds with a resale value of $1,961, sold for $5,250 Z & W Mill Inc. for resale purposes.

Torrington Beverage bought Liam Haas’ Champion lamb carcass, weighing 127 pounds with a resale value of $152.40, for resale purposes for $2,100.

Veterinarian Dr. Kaufman with Goshen Veterinary Clinic bought Hailey Barnhart’s 220-pound Champion swine carcass, with a resale value of $242. Dr. Kaufaman expressed that he plans to eat the champion swine once it is processed.

Avery Hendricks’ Champion goat carcass sold for $2,500, weighing at 61 pounds with a resale value of $140, to Torrington Ford and Platte Valley Bank.

North Platte Physical Therapy paid $3,100 for Kaycee Kosmicki’s 163-pound Reserve Champion lamb carcass.

High Pointe Electric and Torrington Cinema bought Olivia Meyer’s Reserve Champion swine carcass, weighing 273 pounds for a resale value of $300.30, for $3,100.

Altogether, one meat pen of rabbits, 22 market beef, 30 market lambs, 30 market swine and 38 market goats were bought at the 2022 Goshen County Youth livestock show on Saturday. Note, not all buyers were listed due to buyers being announced after the next round of livestock began being introduced.

Goshen County’s 2022 Grand Champion for Rate of Gain Bree Mills said, “I do this to improve myself and get other kids and girls and/or women involved with agriculture because I think it’s important more of us youth and women get involved.”

Mills said she was really impressed with how her livestock scored during the Goshen County Fair and that she knew her prized market beef would be resold, “but I understand it happens but it’s fine with me since I know the meat will be resold back to family members, friends and community members.”

“I’m excited to see how the auction goes because that helps us to really see all of our hard work pay off,” Mills added.

Mills’ cousin Abbie Forbes, FFA Champion, Goat Showmanship, and Division three goat champion said, “I come to have fun, hang out with friends and make some money when I can.”

However, the cousins said the biggest advantage and draw is that it “teaches us responsibility pretty early in a fun and meaningful way with our friends,” Mills said.

“Those friendships are usually lifelong friendships too, and that will most certainly help us in the long run,” Forbes added.

Several of the livestock animals Goshen County youth presented, bought and sold at the fair will make appearances at the Wyoming State Fair starting next week, starting Primary Election Day, August 16 and running through Saturday August 20. The Wyoming State Fair is celebrating its 110th year in operation in Douglas, Wyo. In addition to livestock competitions, shows and auctions – the Wyoming State Fair will also have the PRCA rodeo, live music, other exhibitions and a carnival. The headline grandstand live music act is Morgan Evans on Fri., August 19. For more information visit, www.wystatefair.com.

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