From Wrangler to Florist to Reporter

 TORRINGTON – Hello all, from the newest face at The Torrington Telegram, The Lingle Guide, The Lusk Herald, The Business Farmer and The Guernsey Gazette. My name is Alicia Louters and I will be covering a variety of stories in the area.

I have arrived in Torrington after spending nearly four years in Fargo, N.D. I graduated last December from Concordia College (Moorhead, Minn.) with a degree in Multimedia Journalism and Communication Studies.

My interest in journalism stems from my passion for getting to know people and telling their stories. I have had training in several different areas, news and feature writing, web design and broadcast.

I also just love newspapers. As somewhat of an old soul, I admire the tradition and history behind newspapers in the U.S. As each new media outlet has come out – radio, television, the internet – newspapers have adapted and stood the test of time, especially in smaller communities.

My experience in print has been in my college’s newspaper and intercultural magazine. I have also enjoyed working with my hometown’s paper to write a series of sermonettes every year.

So, why Wyoming? Well, I don’t really have a clear, simple answer. I enjoyed my time in North Dakota, but was looking to venture out of the area after college. Something that was important to me in my post-graduation decisions was community.

After living in a small town, I realized the value of being somewhere people care about each other. From my first few interactions with people in Torrington, I’ve gotten the impression I was hoping for.

From what they’ve seen, my family also gives this area a thumbs up. I had six people helping me move in this weekend – my mom, dad, grandma, sister and two brothers. (There’s a good chance you might have seen us driving around with the U-Haul or wandering around town).  

Prior to my time in Fargo, I lived in New Rockford, N.D., population 1,300, and Hollandale, Minn., population 300. I grew up in a farming family. My dad and his family farmed corn, soybeans and cabbage. My mom enjoyed her hobby farm, with a little bit of everything – chickens, cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and fainting goats (which were one of my favorites as a kid).

In high school, my time and energy was spent on volleyball, Future Farmers of America (FFA), horse shows and theater. My graduating class was 34 people. I continued volleyball into college for a year and had been playing on a women’s league since then.

I enjoy almost any outdoor activity, namely hiking, skiing, horseback riding and spending time with my dog. I look forward to exploring some of Wyoming’s state parks.

During the last three summers, I had the opportunity to work just outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Medora, the only tourist destination in North Dakota, hosts several thousand visitors per year with a steady population of only 130. I was able to get to know a variety of people by guiding horseback trail rides. One of the most interesting parts of my job description was riding in a nightly western musical.

I tend to gravitate toward jobs and activities where I am constantly learning. Since high school, I have worked as a stage actor, elementary tutor, horseback trail guide and, most recently, a floral designer.

I look forward to meeting community members and getting to know Torrington and its surrounding area. I am excited to be part of a company that helps its communities thrive by keeping people informed and engaged.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have story ideas or would like to say hello and chat. You can reach me at [email protected]


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