Five new COVID-19 cases diagnosed

Twelve cases diagnosed since Monday

There have been five new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Goshen County in the last two days, according to a pair of press releases from Goshen County Public Health, bringing the active case count in Goshen County to 15 – the highest tally of the pandemic.  

Three cases were reported this afternoon. A young female from Hawk Springs, a female in her mid-40s from Torrington and a female Torrington resident in her late 40s were all diagnosed. It’s unknown at this time if they were symptomatic.

On Thursday, a male in his early 20s and another young male, both Torrington residents, were diagnosed.

In all, 12 new cases were diagnosed in Goshen County this week. There have been 24 cases in Goshen County since the beginning of the pandemic. Nine patients have fully recovered. There have been no deaths reported in Goshen County.

Statewide, 27 people have died from COVID-19. There have 2,490 cases diagnosed and 2,007 have recovered.