First baby of 2023 is here

Courtesy of Natasha Ewald Community Hospital staff posing with the first baby of 2023, Sophie Ewald, and her family.

TORRINGTON – Ten days into the new year, Community Hospital in Torrington welcomed its first baby of 2023 when Sophie Jaymes Ewald was born to Tj and Natasha Ewald of Torrington.

Sophie was born on Jan. 10 at 6:33 a.m. She weighed seven pounds and four ounces and measured 20 inches in length. Sophie’s due date was Feb. 3. She was born three and a half weeks early. 

Even though she was born a little early, Natasha told the Telegram that they are already home. She said, “She has had no issues, she’s just perfect. She has passed everything.” 

Natasha said Sophie’s name came from a lot of trial and tribulation. The name ended up being inspired by ‘Sophie the giraffe.’ Her middle name is a feminine version of her dad’s middle name.

Sophie’s parents are local to the area. Natasha grew up in Torrington and Tj grew up in Gering, Nebraska. The couple moved back to Torrington after Tj graduated pharmacy school in Aurora, Colorado. Currently, Tj is a pharmacist at Community Drug and Natasha is a stay-at-home mom.

Sophie is the youngest of three girls. Her sisters are Paizley and Brailyn. Paizley is 11-years-old and Brailyn is almost five-years-old.

When asked how her sisters are liking the new baby, Natasha fondly said, “They’re in love! They’re always fighting over her. I’m like, guys, you live with her full time. There’s no need to fight over your sister and who’s going to take care of her. She’s not leaving, she’s staying here.”

Both of the girls have been more than willing to help their parents with holding Sophie or even help change her diapers.

“I have lots of helpers,” Natasha continued. “It’s a different experience when your kids are a little older and you don’t have toddlers.”

Natasha commented on her overall experience, “It’s been good. It’s not our first baby, it’s our third, but the process of adding her has been amazing. Our nurses and Dr. Randolph made our experience amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better one. The whole process was easy. In and out.”

“Your life changes, it’s amazing how a little tiny baby can topple your world upside down,” Natasha said. “Each baby is different and there are different issues with each baby. Luckily for us, we’ve had really chill babies. They’re easygoing and they’re not colicky babies. It makes it a lot less stressful.”

Natasha said the hospital gave them a big gift basket with a bunch of baby clothes, books, and other items to celebrate the first baby of 2023. The hospital also did a nice lunch for the family before they were released to go home.

Sophie has many grandparents to spoil her. Her grandparents are Joe and Holly Hatley from Torrington; Dallas and Janet Ewald from Morrill, Nebraska; Ben and Karen Miller from Torrington; and Lori Fertig from Lincoln, Nebraska.

“She was actually our surprise, miracle baby because we had infertility,” Natasha told the Telegram. “Both of our girls were fertility babies, she just happened. She was a good surprise.”

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