Feagler plans concert fundraiser for park

Alicia Louters/Torrington Telegram LaDonna Feagler told the commissioners about her plans for a Brenn Hill concert to fundraise for new sprinklers in the Adam Walter Memorial Botanical Park. Feagler said she hopes the county will help with the cost of reserving a location.

GOSHEN COUNTY – The Goshen County Commissioners convened for their second May meeting on Tuesday the 18th to approve departmental reports and discuss new business.

LaDonna Feagler, office manager of South Torrington water and sewer, approached the commissioners to present a fundraiser idea for the Adam Walter Memorial Botanical Park. Feagler said they have been running into issues with the park’s sprinkler system.

“The sprinkler system that we currently have is old. It’s not working well,” Feagler said.

Since a replacement of the system would be an expensive project, Feagler looked into applying for grants. She found the process would take several months, so she brainstormed other fundraising ideas.

Feagler hopes to fundraise through a Brenn Hill performance. Hill is a cowboy music singer and songwriter from Utah.

He will already be playing in Livermore, Colorado on August 24, so Feagler hopes to have him play in Torrington on Friday, August 20.

“It is music that I think would appeal to a wide range of audiences,” Feagler said.

Feagler explained her hope to get two main sponsors to donate $2,500 each. She wants to give businesses an opportunity for publicity in event advertising. She plans on asking smaller businesses for donations and providing them with complimentary tickets.  Right now, the plan is to charge $20 per ticket.

The two main sponsors will cover the costs of Hill's performance and advertising. Feagler said 100% of ticket sales would go toward the park’s new sprinkler system.

“I feel there is a very good chance we could get it to cover everything,” she said.

Feagler has yet to reserve a location but hopes to host the event at the Goshen County Fairgrounds Pavilion. She said she hopes the county can help cover some location costs.

Feagler played some of Hill’s music for the commissioners.

“I say go for it. I love the idea,” Commissioner Cody Cox said.

“With COVID backing off a bit, we can have something to get people together,” said Feagler.

In other business, County Health Officer Dr. Ted Church updated the commissioners about COVID-19 vaccines.

“Things are starting to return to a normal activity level,” he said.

According to Church, vaccination demand has dropped significantly. The vaccination clinics have shortened to half-days.

Church told the commissioners the county has given over 5,000 doses of vaccines, keeping in mind some vaccines require two doses.

He said the state is attempting to make it easier for 12 to 17-year-olds to get the Pfizer vaccine. Church said public health is coordinating with local schools to gauge interest.

Church also voiced his appreciation for the nurses in the county who have helped with vaccinations in addition to their regular duties.

Though Dennis Simmons, owner of the Hawk Springs restaurant The Emporium, was not present at the meeting, Cox updated the other commissioners on their recent conversation. Cox said Simmons has been doing maintenance on the park across from his restaurant.

According to Cox, Simmons will attend a meeting in June to ask for assistance for equipment upkeep and the time he puts into the park. Cox said he does not have a set dollar amount to ask for, but asked specifically for help getting a new lawn mower.

“I think we do need to do something to help Dennis out,” Cox said. “He’s done all this on his own time.”

The commissioners approved the yearly Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant contract between the county and Wyoming Public Health, which had been signed by the county attorney.

Cindy Kenyon presented her County Clerk report. She presented additional bills for last month and updated the commissioners on employee insurance and a new program for employees to access online.

Kenyon also said the county has gotten new election equipment from Election Systems & Software (ES&S). Kenyon encouraged the public to call her office with any questions about the election equipment used by the county.

The commissioners approved two employee bonds and Kenyon’s report.

Both Kory Fleenor’s Sheriff’s Report and Leticia Dominguez’s Treasurer Report were approved.

Dominguez said, “we’re looking pretty good,” as there is $1,843,752.66 left in the county’s general unassigned spendable cash. With the contingency reserve, the county’s total cash reserves are $3,043,752.66.

Dominguez said her office is still looking for applicants.

“Still waiting to hire someone. We’re still looking,” she said.

The meeting was adjourned around 9:45 a.m. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 1 at 9 a.m.


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