Escaped honor farm inmates captured

NEWCASTLE (WNE) — The Wyoming Department of Corrections has confirmed that both of the two inmates who escaped from the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp on Sept. 22 have been apprehended. 

A press release dated Sept. 30 indicated that escaped inmate Jason Green was apprehended in Mesquite, Texas. 

“According to a public safety announcement on the Mesquite Police Department’s Facebook page, police responded to a suspicious person call in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 29,” the release states. “Police observed two individuals running from the location on foot. Green was captured but the other individual (believed to be Simpson) got away.” 

Escaped inmate Robert Simpson remained at large until Tuesday, when he was apprehended in Dallas, Texas, according to the DOC. 

No other details were available at press time about Simpson’s capture other than that Texas law-enforcement officials had confirmed his capture. 

Simpson and Green escaped from the minimum-security camp on the evening of Sept. 22, taking with them a dog named Shadow. The whereabouts of the black Lab-mix that was stolen from the camp’s Project LOVED canine program remains unknown.  

The Sept. 22 escape is the second this year from the camp, located north of Newcastle. This latest escape was longer lived than the June 24 escape of James Michael Kennah, age 42, who was gone for a few hours before being apprehended near Wright. According to WHCC Warden Todd Martin, the inmates initially headed west on foot after leaving the facility. Authorities believe the two men stole a City of Newcastle truck in Newcastle and drove to Laramie that night. Their inmate uniforms were also found in the vicinity of the stolen truck. 


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