Discovering East Wyoming Memories

Just Thinking . . .

During fleeting moments last week, and over the weekend, I rummaged around in my brain trying to find an idea for this column.  No luck.

Then Sunday, I heard the forecast for cold temps and possible snow. That evening I started sorting through sweaters, shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts, looking for some that were still good enough to wear in places other than around home.

The first one to catch my eye was a t-shirt from a very long time ago when the baseball fields were moved from near St. Joseph’s Children’s Home to their current location north of the hospital. It has served me well, and started a conversation with a stranger at Yosemite National Park three years ago. I asked the young man at the information desk about the location of a point of interest. He quickly answered, then followed with his own inquiry. He asked if I was from Torrington, Wyoming! Talk about surprised! 

I finally answered ‘Yes,’ wondering how he knew. He explained that he was raised between Cheyenne and Laramie, so he was familiar with Torrington. Yosemite was his summer job.

I was wearing an Eastern Wyoming College t-shirt I received for helping during the move.

Another t-shirt in the drawer featured Gammo’s Garden, a Christmas gift from my grandchildren in New Mexico several years ago. Although the colors of the flower pots and petals on the flowers are fading, it still gets a lot of wear. Yellow, pink, red and orange flowers, in dark red (or used to be dark red) pots, represent Gerad, Abigail, and Olivia, in New Mexico, and Julia in Colorado.

A sweatshirt passed inspection for another season, even though the cuffs are getting frayed. It is also from the New Mexico branch of the family. The shirt features the hot air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. Small clouds of what used to be white fluffy stuff start on the back and wrap around to the front where a variety of balloons float from one side to another.

And I found way too many t-shirts that represent trips to West Virginia, Sturgis, California, Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Colorado, and other locations where memories were made and shared with family and friends.

My “Some Day” goal is to salvage the picture parts of those shirts, and incorporate them in a quilt top. Maybe I’ll even write a short bit, explaining why each was important enough to be included in my “Warm Memories.”

But, that is for the future. Right now, the goal is to keep warm now that winter is making an appearance, a reminder of which was the glittering snow that blanketed lawns late Sunday night.

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