Deanna Hill bids Torrington farewell

TORRINGTON – Councilwoman Deanna Hill announced she will be returning to her hometown of Aurora, Colo, after 10 years of service to the citizens of Torrington as city councilwoman. Hill was elected to office in November of 2010 and her last meeting will be Nov. 17, 2020, though her resignation won’t officially take effect until after Nov. 20.

Hill grew up in Aurora, Colo. and moved to Torrington in 1994. While in Torrington, she married Justin Hill of Fort Laramie. She and Justin have two children, Sydney and Samantha. 

Hill is a licensed pharmacy technician working for Banner Health as a pharmaceutical auditor and will continue to work remotely for Banner Health. 

Hill was and remains very passionate about her love for the town of Torrington. 

During an interview with The Telegram, Hill ardently said, “I really love my community and I really enjoy it. It’s a privilege to do what I did. The employees of the city work hard and are great people.”

While serving as a councilwoman, Hill was the chairman of the review committee, providing supervision and direction for municipal employees’ performance evaluations. Hill said she took this job very seriously and was happy to have worked with the great employees of the city.

Hill brought up a couple of key points that matter greatly to her. One is that she wishes to bring awareness to the fact that municipalities cannot, of their own accord, bring a new tax to the city to fund projects. 

For a municipal tax to be established, four of the five municipalities in Goshen County must approve the matter and then forward the proposition through the state with at least a three-fourths approval.

“We need to get people to be engaged,” Hill said. “We need to have meet and greets, open forums.”

Hill said she has found people are afraid or intimidated to approach leaders and councilmembers. She wants the people to know they need not be afraid to reach out.

“We can put off to a person that we don’t want to talk, but that is not the case,” Hill said. “There is so much communication and engagement missing. I wish people would have more of a voice. If people don’t speak then there will be no change. Get out there and start making change.”

Hill hopes Torrington residents will not be discouraged from talking to their local leaders and can get conversations started to work together to solve community problems.

“It takes all of us to do something,” Hill said. 

Hill said she wants to send out a “wonderfully big” thank you to the community and her employers. 

“I will miss it. Torrington is a great place and it will just keep getting better,” Hill said.


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