David J. Butler

TORRINGTON – David J. Butler passed away on Saturday, December 4, at the age of 65. David is survived by his loving wife Cheryl McQuaid, children Nathan, Sarah, Luke, and Elizabeth, his sister Anne, brother Robert, and grandchildren Keatin, Hannah, Jesse, and Alanna.
Born in Torrington, to John and Pansy Butler, David grew up with a love of the outdoors, which not only continued through his life, but was successfully passed on to both children and grandchildren. David was an active mountain biker, hiker, backpacker and canoe enthusiast. His tendency to find solace in nature often found him on the trails of Snowy Range, Wyoming, or wandering the mountains of Eagle, Colorado, a place which he would later call home. David had a love of vintage cars, which he carried on from his father and could often be found tinkering in his garage. His interests were varied, but one common theme could always be found: Family. Not only did David have a passion for tracing the long and proud line that his family forged through our country’s founding, but he also ensured family was included in each of his hobbies as well, whether that be represented by family bike trips, working on antique cars, gathering firewood at the end of a long mountain road, or gathering on the patio with loved ones, while he quietly sneaked treats to his beloved dog Emma, who was never far from his side.
David also felt a deep need to leave the world a better place than he found it. After attending Seminary as a young adult, David spent many years in ministry, doing everything from community outreach to work with inner-city youth. His sermons reached many, as his career in ministry spanned multiple states. David would ultimately continue reaching and changing lives through directing a residential facility for at-risk youth, co-running a dance studio, and finally, helping veterans and disabled people in things like mobility, job placement, and benefits.  David cared for and touched many lives through the course of his professional and personal life. Deep roots lead to strong trees, and David leaves behind him a forest full of just that. 
In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Jason’s Friends Foundation, 340 West B Street, Suite 101, Casper, WY 82601 in David’s name. 


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