Daniel Schwab: Country and Duty

Courtesy/Teresa Moore Photo of retired Army Private Daniel Schwab provided by the family.

GOSHEN COUNTY – Retired U.S. Army Private Veteran Daniel Schwab, now deceased, shared his story with his family before he passed away; they now share it with the Telegram in honor of Veterans Day.

Schwab's family member, Teresa L. Moore, shared how he put country and duty above self his entire life and military career right up to the moment of his death in 2013.

The Wauseon, Ohio native was born July 27, 1917 to Russian immigrants, Michael and Marie Schwab; he had nine siblings.

Schwab attended school through the seventh grade in Ohio before the family moved to Wyoming and he left school to help work on the family farm with planting, cultivating and harvesting crops as well as feeding cattle.

Before his service, Schwab was hired by the Union Pacific Coal Company in Hanna, Wyoming as a motorman; it was there he operated a 15 ton electrically powered dinky engine which moved coal cars from the mine shaft to the surface.

“In 1942, he enlisted with the US Army where he was a munitions worker and was stationed in England,” Moore wrote. “He packed, loaded, and stacked shells, bombs, and ammunition for the 691st Ammunition Co. He also served with the K-9 Corps. He trained dogs for guard and patrol duties.”

Later, Schwab served in combat in the French theatre during WWII as a rifleman and scout with the 101st Infantry, 26th Division.
Eventually, “he was a marksman with the M-1 Grand Rifle at the Battle of Rhineland,” Moore explained.

In November 1944, Schwab was wounded in battle in France, it was there he received a Purple Heart.

Schwab also earned: Combat Infantry Badge; European-African-Middle Eastern Bronze Service Star, Good Conduct Ribbon; American Theatre Campaign Medal; WWII Victory Ribbon; and Rifle Marksman Badge.

In 1945, Schwab was honorably discharged and married Caroline Ault of Torrington. Soon after, the pair had one daughter, Karen Schwab. Together the family worked and lived in Torrington. However, his first wife, Caroline, passed away in 1979 and his daughter passed away in 1998.

In May of 1980, Schwab married his second wife, Gertrud (Trudi) Pietrezak.

“Dan worked into his early 90’s at Schwab’s Go Happy Camper and Repair,” Moore explained. “Dan and Trudi enjoyed fishing and camping and were active in the local VFW organizations.”

Schwab died of old age on Jan. 9, 2013 in Torrington.

Moore said, Veterans Day to her family means remembering what veterans have done and still do for their country and local communities.

His family says he was a man of honor and integrity who put his service to the country, community and family first, above himself and he was a beloved member of many veteran services in Goshen County and Torrington before his death. The local VFW (Veterans of Foriegn Wars) and American Legion say Schwab is dearly missed and was an inspiration to many and an important member of the veteran community.

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