Crisis line available to help

SHERIDAN – How many numbers do you have in your phone? Do you have space for one more that could be the lifeline for someone in crisis? (800) 273-8255 is that lifeline. 

In fact, it’s a national lifeline manned 24 hours a day for those who may be overwhelmed by life’s struggles and are thinking about hurting themselves. You may never need it – in fact, hopefully not. But if you do, won’t a minute now to save it be worth the time?

So how does the Veterans Crisis Line fit in? While the 800 number is a national resource for anyone, callers simply press “1” to connect to the Veterans Crisis Line. Responders, many of whom are veterans themselves, are available to talk to veterans or anyone concerned about a veteran. It’s confidential and available 365 days a year. One number, potentially helping anyone in crisis.