County enacts fire ban

The Goshen County Commission has enacted a partial fire band due to the potential for grassland fires, due to an abundance of weeds and pastureland grasses.

Goshen County Fire Marshall Bill Law made the recommendation during the commission’s meeting on July 2, and the commission voted unanimously to enact the band. 

“The potential for grassland fires due to rising daytimes temperatures prompted me to send an email out to all of my Goshen County fire chiefs and working partners, advising them of my internet to recommend adding a partial fire ban on all lands in Goshen County,” Law told the commission. “My recommendation is that the ban become effective July 8.”

During a partial fire ban, controlled burns are not prohibited, but are not recommended, according to a legal notice published by the county during a partial fire ban last year. 

It is also recommended that citizens don’t park or drive in tall grass and weeds because exhaust systems can cause fires. It is also suggested that citizens should mow and clean weeds around buildings. 

During a partial fire ban, fireworks are expressly prohibited. Campfire with a fire ring, charcoal and gas grills, acetylene cutting torches, electric welders are all allowed in cleared areas with a 10-foot radius. 

For more information, contact Law at 307-532-7952, and be sure to notify central dispatch of any burns at 307-532-7001.


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