Cockett recognized as ‘Unsung Hero’

Paula Shasteen (left) presenting Linda Cockett, director of the Senior Friendship Center, with the Wyoming Homemakers “Unsung Hero” award on Tuesday. Shasteen designed the poster for Cockett to recognize her countless contributions to the community. Courtesy photo

‘Her contribution to this world is not slowing down’

TORRINGTON – Unsung Heroes are people who impact those around them every day but receive little to no recognition for it. These people don’t do great deeds for the recognition however; they do it just because that’s the type of person they are. 

Linda Cockett, director of the Senior Friendship Center, is one of those people. To recognize her for her unwavering service to the community, Cockett was acknowledged by the Wyoming Homemakers as an “Unsung Hero” on Tuesday, Sept. 12. 

“We are very glad that she is in our community and we definitely think she’s an ‘Unsung Hero’ that deserves this recognition,” Madelon Daniels told the Telegram. 

Cockett is the director of the Senior Friendship Center of Goshen County. Cockett and her husband, Charlie, have been in Torrington for 30 years. During that time, the couple has been very active in the community and has made a positive imprint. 

“She is an extremely valuable asset to Wyoming, Goshen County, Torrington, her church and anybody who asks or just looks like they need help,” Paula Shasteen said on the poster she created for the Cockett. 

As the director, Cockett is responsible for the monthly Scuttlebutt Newsletter, a vital way for seniors to stay informed of upcoming events, menus and other important information. 

“She puts in long hours and is always willing to jump in and help,” Shasteen said. “Her positive attitude and her work ethic are always apparent. She does her job plus helps deliver meals, drives the busses, has cleaned the center and reviews the work of everybody else with complete accuracy.”

“She is present at all special functions, and helps our senior clients with issues and paperwork even when it’s not part of our services,” she continued. “She wears all the hats here at the center and does it so graciously.”

In addition, Cockett is also on the WYTRANS Board of Directors, Region V, takes part in instructing classes to qualify drivers in public transportation throughout the state, is an active member of her church and is its treasurer. She also is the president of the United Women in Faith for this district and the Mountain Sky Conference. 

Before taking over as the director, Cockett was an educator for the Goshen County School District and was active with the Eastern Wyoming College Campus Ministry. At this time, she also helped facilitate the West Co Literacy Program, now known as NOWCAP.

“Linda is truly an Unsung Hero who likes to make a difference in the most humble, meekest way,” Shasteen said. “You’ve heard the saying, ‘If you need something done ask a busy person.’ Well, Linda is one of those people.”

“She is very humble and doesn’t make anyone feel like help is an inconvenience to her,” she continued. “Linda has truly been an unsung hero all of her life. But the time has come for her to be recognized because it is clear that her contribution to this world is not slowing down yet.”

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