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Lyle Wiley THS tennis

TORRINGTON – Lyle Wiley, who has been a part of the coaching staff for three years, has taken over the reigns of the Torrington High School tennis program this year after long-time coach Mary Perkins stepped down.
Wiley has a history with tennis, starting seriously in high school. He played No. 1 doubles for Rawlins High School. After graduation, he taught tennis lessons in Rawlins for four years.
“My high school tennis coach, Brad Bohlender, instilled in me a lifetime love for the game. His positive impact on my fellow teammates and myself sparked my own interest in coaching,” Wiley said. “I hope to positively impact student athletes with knowledge, kindness, patience and support in the same way coach Bohlender did all of those things for me.”
Being around tennis for several years, including going on four years in Torrington, has only grown his love for not only tennis, but the atmosphere around the sport.
“I love the sport, but the student athletes and fellow coaches are the primary reason I love coaching tennis,” Wiley said. “Helping students grow as athletes, teammates and citizens never gets old. The relationships formed in activities like tennis are powerful, fulfilling and joyful.”
The tennis season begins Saturday, with the Blazers heading to a jamboree in Casper. Wiley, who teaches English and journalism at Torrington High School, has a rather short season to work with the tennis players around the county, with the state tournament coming on Sept. 21-23, but he is still looking forward to the season.
“I am excited to spend time helping student athletes grow and improve over the course of the very quick season. I am also eager to connect with students and coaches and to learn more about how to be the best coach and teacher I can be,” he said. “These students are a joy. It is great to spend the time working, competing and learning alongside them.”

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