City approves variance, preliminary plats

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council convened for its second regular meeting of September Tuesday evening at Torrington City Hall. Mayor Randy Adams was present with councilmembers Dennis Kelly, Ted Kinney, Richard Patterson and Kate Steinbock.

The council convened as a Board of Adjustment for three proposals: Matthew and Sarah Jacobson requested a variance to the maximum allowed square footage for an accessory structure in an R-3 zone, Roxane Lira requested approval of the preliminary plat for the Capitol Hill Addition and Bloedorn Lumber requested the approval of the preliminary plat for the Grandview Addition Third Filing. 

The Board of Adjustment began with the Jacobson proposal. 

“The applicants are requesting an increase from the allowed 700 square feet to 1,248 square feet for the addition of a garage with living quarters. The property is located at 2341 Main Street,” Adams said. 

Building and Grounds Superintendent Dennis Estes told the board the Jacobsons are planning to build a two-stall garage with a living area above the garage.

“They are planning on putting a two-stall garage with living quarters above it,” Estes explained. “The zone allows for two-family living, so he’s allowed to do that. The only thing they are requesting is that increase in square footage that’s allowed for an accessory structure.”

The council then heard the requests from Bloedorn Lumber and the Grandview Addition Third Filing. 

All three proposals were unanimously approved by the council. 

City Attorney James Eddington presented a proclamation to the council deeming November 2022 as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. 

“Whereas lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the United States and Wyoming, accounting for more deaths than colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer combined; and whereas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 1,502 new lung cancer cases and 1,077 deaths because of lung cancer between 2015 and 2019 in Wyoming,” Eddington read. “Now, therefore, I, Randy L. Adams, Mayor of the City of Torrington, Wyoming do hereby proclaim November 2022 as Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Torrington and recognize the need for research in lung cancer affecting women and lung cancer health disparities, and encourage all citizens to learn about lung cancer and early detection through lung cancer screening.”

The full proclamation can be read by visiting Torrington City Hall or

The council approved the proclamation. 

The council heard a request by Project Manager Mark Weis for FY23 Golf Course Parking Lot Improvements (Phase I). The bid was directed to J-Built Homes, Inc. of Torrington in the amount of $59,461. Alternate Bid B was in the amount of $6,280 and reserve $9,259 for contingency towards Alternate Bid A for a project total of $75,000.

The goal of the project is improving the parking lot at the golf course.
The council approved the bid. 

Emergency Medical Services Executive Director Darin Yates presented a proposal of EMS charges to the council. Yates noted there had not been an increase in rates for two years, and the new rates would not be a significant jump. 

The new charges would raise the Basic Life Support-Emergent rate from $650 to $700, the Advanced Life Support-Emergent rate from $800 to $850, ALS assistance for other agencies from $800 to $850, ALS specialty care transfer from $1,000 to $1,100, ALS cardiac arrest from $1,000 to $1,100, mileage from $15 to $16 per mile, ambulance standby from $60 per hour to $75 per hour and ambulance personnel from $40 to $45.

Additionally, the prices of some medications would increase by $5 as well, such as Atropine, D-50, Fentanyl, Glucagon and Valium. 

Yates said Torrington EMS is inexpensive compared to other EMS services throughout Wyoming but needs to address costs due to the rates which insurances pay.

The council approved the rate increases with an effective date of Oct. 1.

During information items, Adams reminded citizens to be aware of fire danger, COVID and flu infections and safe driving practices. 

“Remember that a Goshen County Fire Ban is in place and will likely remain throughout most of the season,” Adams said. “Potential for grass fires is high and will stay that way until cooler temperatures and moisture comes later in the year.”

Adams said COVID cases have continued to decline, and there is only one patient in the Torrington Community Hospital who is being treated for COVID at the time of the meeting. He reminded attendees the Omicron variant is highly contagious and could still impact the community. 

“School is in session; fall sports practices and games are under way at area schools and at EWC. Please be aware of our children, our parents, buses and the activity that will be taking place in and around the schools,” Adams said. “Slow down in those area; the speed limit in school zones is 20 mph. Lights, signs and crosswalks are visible in all of those areas, and the police will be increasing their patrols in those areas where children are present.”

Adams reminded citizens to stay off their phones while driving and maintain safety and awareness while driving. 


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