Celebrating 50 years of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council (WWPC) is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. On Feb. 10, 1973, the Wyoming State Legislature passed, and Gov. Stan Hathaway signed the Weed and Pest Act into law.

This law established WWPC and 23 districts throughout the Cowboy State. It was the first time all counties were required to have a District. While times have changed since 1973, WWPC continues to successfully manage invasive species, educate the public, and help keep Wyoming wild and beautiful.

John F. Turner, a former Wyoming State Senator who was there to pass the act, stated how gratified he was to see it passed and to see how successful it’s been. “We wanted to emphasize local control and be sure that the program had the best research and expertise,” Turner said. “Looking back, it certainly is one of Wyoming’s landmark conservation programs. The benefits to Wyoming landscape and citizenry have just been immense.”

The fight against invasive species in Wyoming started in 1895 when the first weed law was passed to manage Russian thistle and “kindred pests” (aka noxious species). Now WWPC continues to research, educate, and use the latest science and technology to control and reduce the spread of invasive species.

“Without the weed and pest act being signed into law, Wyoming’s natural resources and habitats would not look like what they do today,” said Donley Darnell, President of WWPC. “We’re proud to celebrate 50 years of the council. We’ll keep protecting the land and the way of life that makes Wyoming the great state it is.”

For 50 years, WWPC has helped organize weed management programs, write state and federal legislation, and provide critical services to Wyoming residents and visitors. As the council looks back on the last half-century, they hope everyone will continue to play their part to keep Wyoming wild and beautiful for the next 50 years.

“For 50 years, the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council has worked tirelessly to make Wyoming a leader in invasive species management,” said Gov. Mark Gordon. “The Council has been an invaluable resource for our state’s landowners. Thank you for all you do to protect Wyoming landscapes.”

For tips to stop the spread of invasive species or for information about Wyoming Weed and Pest Council and its 50th anniversary, visit wyoweed.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council

Wyoming Weed and Pest Council (WWPC) is comprised of 23 Weed and Pest Districts in the state of Wyoming. The Council works closely with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the University of Wyoming to keep current with the latest technology and research available in the ongoing management of noxious weeds and pests. The overall mission is to provide unified support and leadership for integrated management of noxious weeds and pests to protect economic and ecological resources in the state.