Caterers approved for summer music series

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council approved four catering permits for the summer music events during the regular meeting on Tuesday. 

Councilwoman Kate Steinbock was absent from the meeting. 

The council received permit requests from the Mint Bar, Broncho Bar, Open Barrel Brewing Company and 307 Sports Bar and Grill for the four upcoming summer music series events put on by Goshen Economic Development GED. 

After the event permits were approved at the previous meeting, the council and GED agreed it would be easier to approve each catering permit at one meeting rather than handling them before each event. 

Torrington Police Chief Matt Johnson addressed all of the safety protocols put in place to ensure the event follows state liquor guidelines. 

“We’re going to have all the alcohol service storage and consumption inside of that liquor area,” Johnson said. “It’s just the perimeter of that City Lot 5 parking lot. We’re going to have that taped off.” 

Each permit is for 5-10 p.m. to allow time to setup before and cleanup after. ID’s will be checked and those who want to purchase alcohol will have to have a wristband. Volunteers will also be keeping an eye out and alcoholic drinks will be distinguished in manufactured cans while non-alcoholic drinks will be in factory containers or a designated cup. 

“All of the folks who have applied for the catering permits are experienced and know what they are doing and have done events like this type before, so we don’t have any concerns beyond that,” Johnson said. 

307 Sports Bar and Grill will cater the event on June 15, Broncho Bar will cater on June 29, Open Barrel Brewing Company will cater on July 13 and the Mint Bar will cater on July 27. 

The Broncho Bar was also approved for a catering permit for a 90th birthday party. 

In other business, the council declared an emergency to ratify an ordinance which was initially passed during an emergency meeting on June 1. The ordinance relates to design standards and allows residents in the flood plain to purchase flood insurance. 

The council also approved the sale of property located on 217 West 20th Avenue to Elise Mooc, owner of Thrifty’s Gas and Liquor, for $190,000. 

According to City Clerk Treasurer Lynette Strecker the market analysis on the property was $230,000.

Building and Grounds Superintendent Dennis Estes said the building, which is the old ambulance building and maintenance building, currently houses old spray bug trucks which do not need to be stored indoors. 

“It would be great for her because she’s right next door,” Estes said. “It’s not handy for us at all. It’s out of the way, it’s more maintenance, more insurance… it would be a way better property for her than it is for us.” 

The funds could go to building a new garage in the parking lot next to the police station for the maintenance crew. 

Water and Wastewater Supervisor Tom Troxel addressed the board in regard to accepting a bid from Joe Johnson Equipment in Billings, Montana for a new combination single engine dual stage sewer cleaner with hydrostatic driven vacuum system mounted on a heavy duty truck chassis. Troxel said replacing the truck is part of the 10-year capital plan. 

The total cost of $354,286 which includes the trade in of the current truck was approved by the council. 

The council also approved an ordinance on first reading relating to surface water drainage. Mayor Randy Adams said it is a result of legislative action from about two years ago but once the council approves it must be put on the ballot for the people to decide. The ordinance will create a storm water utility to collect funds to enhance expand and maintain the storm drain facilities. 

The issue of storm drain flooding is pertinent in Torrington as Estes said it accounts for most of flooding areas in the city’s flood plain. 

Adams said larger cities such as Casper and Cheyenne have it in place, but Torrington will be one of the first of its size to implement it. The ordinance will only be published if it is voted for by the people. 

In other action items, an ordinance relating to the 2023 fiscal year budget was approved on second reading. 

During the mayor’s information items, Adams said the baler site will be open every Saturday throughout the summer for grass clippings. The mayor reminded everyone not to throw trash in the grass dumpsters as it prevents them from turning it to mulch which is available to residents free of charge. 

Elk Eco-Cycle is also open and is currently taking cardboard, separated paper products and aluminum cans. The recycling center is open from 8a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. 

While deaths related to Covid have remained stagnant in Goshen County since February, Adams said the hospital has reported two patients with Covid related issues. Adams also said the county has been elevated to moderate risk and seven locals tested positive this week. 

Adams announced the three candidates for Mayor (Councilman Rick Patterson, Councilman Dennis Kelly and Herb Doby) and three candidates for the two open council seats (Councilwoman Steinbock, Shane Viktorin and Wayne Deahl). Councilman Ted Kinney has decided not to seek another term. The primary election will take place on Aug. 16 and the elected officials will be sworn in at the regular meeting on Jan. 3. 

Before adjourning the meeting, the council moved into executive session to discuss a confidential donation in accordance with Wyoming Statute 16-4-405 (a)(vii). The council reconvened out of executive session and accepted the confidential donation. 

The net regular meeting is June 21 at 7 p.m. 


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