‘Business- and family-friendly’

Hageman returns to Goshen County for gubernatorial campaign

TORRINGTON – Since announcing her candidacy for Wyoming governor on Jan. 16, Goshen County native Harriet Hageman has traveled more than 22,000 miles campaigning across the state. Monday, she returned to the area for stops at the James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center, Torrington Rotary Club, Eastern Wyoming College, Torrington Telegram, and the Bucking Horse Steakhouse and Lounge for a public meet-and-greet.

Hageman, a fourth-generation Wyomingite who was raised on ranch near Fort Laramie, said growing up in Goshen County gave her an appreciation for agriculture, as well as the “closeness of the community.”

“(We’re all) very closely related and interconnected,” Hageman said, adding at a recent funeral, a woman she had played basketball against in the ‘70s and early ‘80s approached her and the pair enjoyed reminiscing. Hageman graduated from Lingle-Fort Laramie High School in 1981.

“Even with Torrington, all of the smaller communities are part of your community, as well.”

Should she be elected governor, some of Hageman’s goals include restoring balance to the federal/state relationship – “bringing the power back to the state”; returning to constitutional foundations – “We need to be understanding of what our forefathers intended to do,” she said. “Their framework has been responsible for creating one of the most prosperous countries in the world”; ensuring we are “God, not government-centric,” – “some rights are granted by God, not the federal government … what that means is the government doesn’t grant the rights, so it doesn’t have the right to take them away”; and “protecting and fighting for our legacy industries” – including fossil fuels, minerals, agriculture and tourism.

Although Hageman officially announced her candidacy in January, she began traveling with the governor’s seat in mind 10 months ago.

“I really started going out and exploring and meeting people heavily beginning in September,” she said. “I wanted to make sure I did understand the issues … I’ve done quite a bit of groundwork, putting together a campaign over a 10-month period of time.”

The economy and budget are recurring concerns amongst residents, Hageman said.

“The people of Wyoming generally recognize the importance of fossil fuels, the mining industry, oil and gas, tourism, agriculture – but there’s a bit of uncertainty out there right now, which can breed chaos,” she said, explaining economic uncertainty can make it difficult to attract business, plan budgets for municipalities and schools, and more. “The uncertainty is something that I’ve heard quite a bit about. We need to get back to stabilizing our economy, state spending, budget, and our priorities.”

Hageman expressed appreciation for her Goshen County campaign team, calling the group “phenomenal” and asked for the support of local residents in the upcoming election.

“I intend to be the most business- and family-friendly governor in the nation,” she said. “(I will focus on) all of our business, and also strengthening our families and providing them with the support they need. It’s a community that’s important to me, (as are) all the communities in the state.”

Hageman will be back in Goshen County on Wednesday of this week, when she will meet will all local elected officials for breakfast, visit with members of the Goshen Irrigation District, and enjoy lunch with residents at the Torrington Senior Friendship Center.

For more information about Hageman or her policy positions, visit www.hagemanforgovernor.com.


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