Brenn Hill concert raises money for park

TORRINGTON – The South Torrington Water and Sewer Department organized the Brenn Hill Concert at Adam Walter Memorial Park on Friday, Aug 20. Ladonna Feagler came up with the idea because the department needed an outside way to fund projects to fix the park. 

“I was just trying to come up with an idea of what we could do to find a way to get extra money to pay for the park, Feagler said. 

The biggest issue at Adam Walter Memorial Park is the sprinkler system.

“The park’s sprinkler system has been in the ground for many, many years and not a lot of work has been done,” Feagler said.  

While the system is big, it is not as large of an overhaul as Feagler initially expected. However, the system does need new valves for its nine zones. Feagler said it would take about $1,100 to replace the valves for controlling the zones. 

Some projects have been completed, but Feagler said there is still a lot to do. 

The concert was meant to help fund some of the projects. Along with the sprinkler system, Feagler said the electrical box needs to be moved as it is currently difficult to access.

“It’s in the ground right now,” Feagler said. “When the guys need to change anything on the sprinkler system… I have to have one person holding the box up and the other person has to bend at the waist, and they are upside down.” 

Changing the box will make it easier and safer. 

Feagler also said there had been a lot of unexpected turns in the process, but she was thankful for everyone who pulled together to help out. 

After the major projects in the park, Feagler said there are other things to do, such as putting in perennials.

Feagler said she asked Brenn Hill to do a benefit concert because she liked his music and felt people in the community would feel the same. 

The crowd filed into the bleachers at Wiseman Field to listen to some of Hill’s songs over his 20-plus year career. Hill mixed in stories of his songs along with jokes throughout the concert. Fans even had a few requests for Hill at the end of the concert, including “Hill Family Song,” which he wrote after his uncle passed away. 

“I think everyone that was there had just a wonderful time,” Feagler said. “He dumped the full feed bucket on us.”

After the concert, Feagler said the plan is to meet with the Board of Directors to figure out what projects should be prioritized with the money made from the concert. 

“Prior to this we didn’t have any money available that was earmarked for the park,” said Feagler. 

The money also allows them to apply for grants to match the current amount of money saved in order to get the major projects done.  

“We want to be very good stewards of the money and make it go as far as possible,” Feagler said. 

The concert put the water and sewer department in a position to begin fixing the major issues at the park. 


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