Attempt to smuggle drugs into Goshen County Detention Center fails

 TORRINGTON – An attempt to mail drugs into the Goshen County Detention Center has resulted in charges of distribution of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance being filed against a Scottsbluff, Neb., resident.

According to court records, Douglas Boyce, 66, was arrested Feb. 6, for allegedly sending Fentanyl patches to Stacy Roche, a Nebraska inmate being housed in the Goshen County facility. Records indicate that during monitored telephone calls, Roche reportedly told Boyce how to mail the patches so they would not be detected. But officials had already intercepted mail allegedly containing the patches addressed to Roche twice in January.

Court documents indicate Nebraska State Patrol investigators had been informed Boyce was the person mailing the Fentanyl. When investigators searched Boyce’s home, they allegedly found two boxes of Fentanyl patches belonging to Roche in a bedroom.

After being read his Miranda rights, Boyce allegedly confessed that he knew what he was doing in trying to help Roche was wrong.

According to court records, Boyce will have a preliminary hearing in Scotts Bluff County Court on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Tuesday morning, Sgt. Brian Eads, commander of the Western Nebraska Intelligence and Narcotics Group (WING), confirmed that he had been contacted by the Goshen County Sheriff’s Office requesting assistance in conjunction with the case.

“Boyce admitted to sending the Fentanyl to Stacy Roche, and that lead to these charges,” Eads said. He added that he is not aware of any charges that have been, or will be, filed in Wyoming.

In Wyoming, the case is being handled by the Goshen County Attorney’s Office. A spokesman for the Goshen County attorney declined to comment regarding the case.

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