Area citizens hold “Restore our rights” protest

TORRINGTON – A group of area residents held a peaceful demonstration in and around the Goshen County Courthouse on Dec. 15 to protest mask mandates. 

Citizen Danielle Murphy created an event through Facebook’s social media platform entitled “Restore our rights protest.” The event’s description announced a calling for a “peaceful gathering to show support and assert our rights under the Wyoming Constitution.” 

The event description also said, “Many other county sheriffs and attorneys have come forward, stating they will not enforce these unconstitutional mandates. We ask ours to stand with us and do the same.”

“I want my choice to not (wear a mask) to be respected as well,” Murphy said. “We have the right to decide our own medical care. I have the right to choose for myself and my children. I believe a mask is being used as a medical device and I think it opens up a can of worms when you are talking about vaccinations, later.”

“If we allow this now, what’s next?” Murphy asked. “Are my kids going to be force-vaccinated?”

Murphy said she is not as concerned about the masks as she is about the U.S. government’s ability to force compliance for “a bigger agenda.” 

“It’s kind of scary,” Murphy said. 

Goshen County resident and advocate for rescinding the mask mandate, Stan Todorovich, wished to know why the Goshen County Attorney and Goshen County Sheriff would not renounce the mandates when other attorneys and sheriffs in the state of Wyoming have already done so.

“It’s against the constitution,” Todorovich said. “There are some sheriffs who want nothing to do with it because it’s unenforceable.”

Sweetwater County Sheriff John Grossnickle, Sweetwater County Attorney Dan Erramouspe and Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee have spoken in opposition to the mask mandates and health orders. 

Grossnickle issued a press release in mid-November, which stated, “Our state constitution affords each of us the inalienable right to make our own personal health care decisions.”

The groups chanted several phrases throughout their march and protest, “rescind the order,” “freedom,” “open up our businesses” and “Gordon’s got to go.” The group also sang God Bless America outside the Goshen County Attorney’s office. 


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