‘A march for all’

Goshen County woman to attend second-annual event

TORRINGTON – Friday, Torrington resident Marci Shaver received her t-shirt for the second-annual Women’s March on Wyoming – a peaceful demonstration to promote “human rights, women’s rights and justice,” according to the event’s official website.
In 2017, the Women’s March on Washington was held as a response to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. At that time, Wyoming residents organized a “sister march” as a show of support for the movement.
Shaver attended the first march, along with her husband and dog, and all three will head to Cheyenne on Saturday, Jan. 20 for the encore event.
“(Last year’s march) was inspiring,” she said. “I expected a couple hundred people and there were over a thousand. There was wonderful camaraderie and strength. I’m wondering if it will be bigger this year.”
Billed as “a response to enduring nearly a year of divisive and harmful rhetoric and policy decisions from the president’s administration and federal, state, and local elected officials,” the 2018 march intends to reaffirm freedom and democracy for all, but specifically women, immigrants, workers, members of the LGBTQ community, and people of all races and religious beliefs, per its website.
“The mission is to bring people together to take a stand on issues that deeply impact all of us,” a press release for the event states.
The Women’s March features several speakers, although a detailed list was not available as of press time.
“We are facing so many challenges, and it is important for all of us to be more informed, more involved and more inclusive.” Arshi Rizwani-Nisley, a Cheyenne educator and 2018 Women’s March speaker, said.
“It’s a very positive event, looking forward at how we can make changes,” Shaver said. “Women make up (more than) half the country – we need representation.”
She added the march has inspired several women to run for political office.
“We’re excited that women across Wyoming are organizing to stand together in solidarity. Our unity will send a strong and clear message that women and our allies will continue to protect our rights, our health, our safety and our communities,” Shayna Lonoaea-Alexander, an organizer of Women’s March on Wyoming, said. “This march and rally shows a powerful and inclusive movement, and that we’re not going away.”
The second time around, Shaver is looking forward to knowing more of her fellow marchers, improved sound equipment and, perhaps most of all, further inspiration.
“Women are leading this movement,” she said.
All are welcome to attend the march. For more information, visit wywomensmarch.org.


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