2023 Football 101 Youth Camp awards

TORRINGTON – In addition to learning the basics of football, the more than 90 camp participants took part in a punt, pass and kick competition in several different age divisions.

Over the course of the two-day camp, each age group was also awarded with Blazer of the Week, Mr. Effort and Most Improved awards.

The winners are as follows:


Blazer of the Week: Otto Werning

Mr. Effort: Brady Williams

Most Improved: Dax Yorges

Punt, pass and kick: 1. Carter Gladson; 2. Otto Werning; 3. Sabastian Vargas


Blazer of the Week: Conner Fronapel

Mr. Effort: Zachary Hackbarth

Most Improved: Abel Estes

Punt, pass and kick: 1. Keaton Wilkie; 2. Colton Knuppe; 3. Reed Curry


Blazer of the Week: Colby Yorges

Mr. Effort: Jax Bruch

Most Improved: Alarik Leo

Punt, pass and kick: 1. Cruz Garcia; 2. Mesa Weidman 3. Breiden Laude


Blazer of the Week: Hudson Hoffman

Mr. Effort: Jaxton Hatley

Most Improved: Wyatt Johansson

Punt, pass and kick: 1. Hudson Hoffman; 2. Reed Foster; 3. Kyle Anderson


Blazer of the Week: Colby Groene

Mr. Effort: Chase Moeller

Most Improved: Kohen Romig

Punt, pass and kick: 1. Colby Groene; 2. Owen Curry; 3. Patrick Mortimore